Evolution of Hallow's Eve Eve

I committed to attend an event on the 30th long before the neighborhood changed Halloween to Saturday, so I had to leave during the neighborhood cul-de-sac party.

This is the condition of Biggy and Lola when I left. They planned a long night of trick-or-treating after the party.

I arrived home around 11 pm, and this is how I found them.

And this is the final phase, Saturday morning.


Like the Back of Her Hand

So Biggy and I have a long-standing "issue" regarding Lo's diet. Part of the reason he's doing the grocery shopping now is that he believes he is more conscientious about buying healthy snacks and preparing wholesome meals (The other reason, of course, is that I spend too much). According to Georgia, all the two of them ever eat is steak. Yeah, just that. Nothing with. Unless you buy Reagan's ketchup-is-a-vegetable thing... But when I make the child's lunch in the morning, it's supposed to be half a lean turkey sandwich, a carrot stick, and an apple slice. Water to drink. She's supposed to have grapes for snack, 8-10. It's good if I can use the same baggie a few days in a row.

Anyway, this morning, while she was eating her cinnamon toast (He was sleeping) and I was making her lunch, she yelled at me from the sunroom:

Lo: Hey, those cheddar and sour cream potato chips on the counter are for my snack.

TR: Really?

Lo: Yeah.

TR: You must have caught your dad in a really good mood.

Lo: Buy one, get one.

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