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We're down to two kids in the house--Lola and her father. And somehow I find myself constantly trapped between them, ricocheting off one's shoulder into the other's hip, being stepped on--and, oh, the noise! The crying and whining, the questions, the bad rapping and fake accents. All weekend it was Biggy going, "WHOOP-WHOOP" and Lola responding, "THAT'S THE SOUND OF THE POLICE!"--at dinner, in the car, in the Apple Store. Imagine this a thousand times.


Biggy's Secret Stash

4 containers cocoa roasted almonds, in the back of the cabinet with the dinnerware.

2 bags M&M's and a Zone bar hidden in the cabinet above the stove, where we keep the dog meds.

1 more package of almonds (just in case),  squirreled in the top of the coffee mugs cabinet.

It's Official

I'm a hoarder.

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