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This is How You Sleep, Parts 1, 2 & 3

Evidently, Biggy shot an entire photo essay last night with his Blackberry.


Slinging Analogies

Biggy: So you wanna go to K&G tonight to look at that three-piece suit I want and then go to dinner?

TR: Sure. If you buy the suit, does that mean I get to buy those Frye boots I've been wanting?

Biggy: No. The suit is a great deal. I told you--I went in because I needed some dress shoes. Then I saw the suit sale--which gives you the shoes free if you buy the suit. So if I spend $180 on the suit, I get the $70 shoes for free. A screaming deal.

TR: Well, I should buy a ball gown then.

Biggy: That doesn't make any sense.

TR: Yeah it does. I need a ball gown as much as you need a suit.

Biggy: That's a bad analogy. Even if you could get the boots for free with the ball gown...I mean... You don't NEED the boots...I need the dress shoes. I could just pay $70 for the shoes, I guess, but for $50 more, I could get a suit too. It's a no-brainer.

TR: So, if I REALLY NEEDED a $50 pair of new running shoes, because mine were worn out, but I could pay $180 for a ball gown and get the shoes for free, that would be comparable?

Biggy: No, because I'd wear the suit more than you'd wear the ballgown.

TR: But I'd wear the running shoes more than you'd wear the dress shoes.

Biggy: But I'd wear the dress shoes more than you'd wear the boots, so...OH--AND I could wear the dress shoes WITH the suit!


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Last Bone Reject

This poem didn't make it into the book.


The little girl was a quiet gatherer,
collecting words,
ear pressed to doors.

She could slip into empty rooms
like cool through a cracked window.
She read notes she found in drawers.

She saw things
talkers didn't notice:
Every man has two faces.

Sometimes she was too much seen.
By then, telling
was like trying to run in dreams.

But the men told her stories--
bombs strapped to babies, hidden bottles.
She kept their secrets.

Their sins became her own;
they changed her
until she looked for herself in mirrors.

The secrets added up like coins
in a jar that overflowed.
What wanted to spill, she swallowed.

Still, the girl did what she was told,
was seen and not heard.
Her tongue slept in its dark womb.


Halloween Olive

As long as she isn't mine, there is no justice in the world.


Poem for 9-9-9

Gorgeous poem by Anne Sullivan:

Holding On

I am thinking of them tonight, locked in their embrace,
waters dark and cold. Do they have any warmth
to give each other? Late yesterday, near exhaustion,
they lay in the slough overhung with reed and pond apple,
motionless-gator's jaws clamped on to the python's thick
muscle, python wrapped around the gator's rough trunk.
It started early, morning light slicing water. The python
coiled and writhed, head waving above the fight. The gator
wrestled, then backed from the slough, submerged and swam
through open water-a gator drowns its prey-
but when he surfaced, the python's head lifted, stared him in the eye.
All day it went like that, slough to slough, diving and surfacing,
positions shifting, python wrapped around the gator's snout,
then a lurch, python in the gator's mouth but the head
still lifting. What respect they must have for each other by now.
Neither lets go. Neither is winning. They aren't even fighting.
They lie in the dark and hold on.


The Men in My Life, Via Camera Phone

Sweet Tooth: Biggy, on the way home from kayaking on Saturday. He's holding a fried pie and a cup of ice cream, and that's a stack of chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard.

Sweetheart: Jack dropped a glass in the kitchen late Sunday night, after we'd gone to bed. He swept and mopped, but just in case...

Yeah, Don't Get Married

This, excerpted from the Washington Post:

A man took his girlfriend hiking Sunday afternoon on the gorgeous -- albeit rocky and rough -- Billy Goat Trail, on national parkland near Great Falls. At some point, he popped the question. She said yes.

As they continued their walk, the woman apparently slipped, fell down a rock face and was injured. With no way to reach her easily, emergency responders used a U.S. Park Police helicopter to pluck her off the path.

Authorities said that the woman, who briefly lost consciousness, suffered bumps and bruises and injuries to her head and chest that were not life-threatening.


Olive Obsessed

I've never seen her in person, but I am smitten with her. In my dreams, we go for long Autumn walks by the river--with her in the Snugli--and I tell her how much cuter she is than every other mutt we pass; I spoon-feed her homemade chicken and rice and read her Carl books before bedtime. I have her Elvis collars special-made and let her pick out her own Halloween costume. She loves me best, just like Fay does, but she doesn't bite children or growl at grown-ups, because she's perfect. The perfect dog for me.


Lunch With Biggy at Willy's

We have a basement apartment in our house, and we're trying to get it rented, so we were discussing the fact that I would have to show it this evening since he had a meeting:

Biggy: I started cleaning up some little dead bugs that were around the baseboards. Would you broom the rest?

TR: Broom?

Biggy: Yeah, broom up the bugs I didn't get.

TR: You mean SWEEP?

Biggy: What do you do with a vacuum?

TR: Vacuum...

Biggy: What do you do with a mop?

TR: OK--do you car with a car? No, you DRIVE a car.

Biggy: Some people drive a broom.

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