Meanwhile, His Grades Continue to Suffer

This morning, Jack came downstairs more than half an hour ahead of schedule--around 7 o'clock. This was most unusual, since given the choice between breakfast with the Falcons cheerleaders or an extra fifteen minutes of sleep, Jack would choose the snooze.

I was getting excited, thinking he must be up early for an Algebra help session, so I casually asked what the occasion was:


Jack: No, we're playing a practical joke on Dennis.

TR: Seriously? You got up early for a prank?

Jack: Yeah.

TR: I've gotta hear this.

Jack: Well, see, Dennis hasn't asked Kaylee to the prom yet. He thinks that just because they've been dating for a long time and it's just assumed they'll go together, he doesn't have to ask her.

TR: Hold on. Asking is a really big deal these days--right? The guys are supposed to build a cake or something?

Jack: Right. And we think Kaylee deserves that, so everyone's annoyed at Dennis.

TR: And?

Jack: So the other day, this guy asked his date by filling her locker full of rose petals. When she opened her locker, all the petals fell out, and then she saw the invitation.

TR: Sweet and simple...

Jack: So this morning, we're going to fill Kaylee's locker full of dead leaves and sticks and rocks, along with the invitation, and when Dennis walks her to her locker like he always does, and all that stuff falls out, he's going to have to convince her that he didn't do it.


Rupert said...

poor Dennis

Adam said...

poor Kaylee...

Tania Rochelle said...

Yes, poor Kaylee.

Montgomery Maxton said...


Anonymous said...

When did this "fancy asking" start? I've heard of people proposing marriage with less romance and thought put in to it than rose petals in the locker.

ga said...

I talked to him, and he said they didn't even help her clean it up!

I got asked to the prom in a kick ass way my junior year. It was definitely a big deal.

Collin Kelley said...

That's quite inventive, actually.

Word verification: howsub

biggy said...

ooooooh, do tell gaga.

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