Calling All Whitman Fans

Tonight I'm participating with a million local poets in a marathon reading of Walt's Leaves of Grass to honor his 190th b-day. The event is happening at the Composition Gallery in Candler Park, starting at 8 pm. You could grab some pizza at Fellini's or paella at LaFonda and then get your culture quota instead of watching that repeat of Law & Order on TNT.


biggy said...

It's game 6 of Cavs vs Magic. Everyone is probably going to be watching that.

Rupert said...

nba = zzzzz - a) the "fix" is in to have LeBron v Kobe in the finals for TV $
and b) - they *travel* on every possession - 1, 2, 3 even 4 steps sometimes - and never a call

Whitman, on the other hand, is all about sex! (as T's part points out lol)

which reminds me - i shudda asked Jennifer to read - dang!

Collin Kelley said...

Looking forward to reading with you tonight, T.Ro.

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