Because There is Nothing Else We Can Do For His Wife & Kids

Don't do it.

Don't drink it.


ga said...

I would have to disagree, because the more you drink it and do it, the more money she's gonna get in the divorce...

Thomas said...

You're kidding right? Why would I deprive myself of quality products just because of the idiocy of their hired sponsors? It's pretty rare that I base my product choice decisions on sponsorship. I choose prods based on their quality. Nikes are pretty good, but I don't touch low-tech, crappy Gatorade. There's much more important stuff going on like the take-over of our country, the theft of our economy, murder of millions of middle-easterners etc. Why not support something worthwhile like a boycott of Israeli products?

Tania Rochelle said...

No, I'm not kidding. As impotent as I am, here, I can at least not 'buy' the idea that the way a man treats his family doesn't matter, is not important. I can refuse to "join" brands that support the objectification of women and the disregard of wives and children.

Oh, and I thought I could boycott more than one thing. So I have to choose?

Thomas said...

Hurting Nike employees would serve no positive purpose; I suspect they'll jettison this dude pretty soon. Welcome to the real world; check this out: http://deadspin.com/5416948/chaos-in-tigerland-a-deadspin-investigation-into-the-sexual-habits-of-pro-athletes . Undoubtedly his wife had some ideas about what she was getting into. I suspect the whole thing was pretty much about business anyway. Now she'll get her payoff and freedom. If you think that the ultra-rich are in any was normal people you need to keep digging. Check this out http://eyeswideshut.warnerbros.com/ . At the top its all about unbridled power, money, desire, rife with throw-away sex-toys. It'll interest you to know that at the Bohemian Grove male prostitutes outnumber the girls.

Tania Rochelle said...

Thomas, I've been living in the real world for quite some time. Any illusions I manage to cling to are chosen by me in order to live simply and with some joy.

In my own small ways, though, I (a mother of three daughters and a son) can advocate for women and children in this culture that sexualizes young girls and, again, objectifies women. I can do that with my pocket book, through my writing, and with my voice.

Nike and Gatorade can find a new "face." I don't think their employees will suffer.

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