Back Door Mat

Jack: Mom, I HATE this rug. Can you get a new one?

TR: What's wrong with it?!

Jack: Um, it has Dachshunds on it. It looks like something Mamoo would have in her house.

TR: Do you understand that I'm turning 47 tomorrow? That's almost 50. It's perfectly natural for me to have a rug with dogs on it.

Jack: You could try to change that stereotype.

TR: OR, I could just enjoy it, like all the women who've come before me.


Rachel said...

happy birthday!!

biggy said...

I gotta agree with Jack on this one.

Kathy said...

I'll be turning 48 in June so even closer to 50 and I agree with Jack.

Tania Rochelle said...

...says the Cat Lady.

Kathy said...

There are no cat rugs in our house (yet).....

mamoo said...

just to set the record straight, i don't own a doggy rug. and, my daughter didn't buy her doggy rug, her husband did (it was on sale).

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