Family in Crisis

After I got home from school Monday night and crawled into bed, my husband wanted to tell me a story about something that happened earlier in the evening:

Biggy: While Jack and Lola and I were watching 'Say Yes to the Dress'..........

Yeah, it doesn't really matter what he said after that.


Kathy said...

I agree - that is a family in crisis (unless someone plans to become a designer). I can watch alot of bad TV, but that is one show I can't stand. Can't believe how much women spend on wedding dresses.

biggy said...

Kathy, that's the beauty of the show- Not only the absurdity of these brides and the money they think they need to spend but also the fact that the mothers/sisters/bridesmaids feel as though they should have a say in what the bride wears. Plus, it's important to teach Jack the concept of "crazy eyes".

Kathy said...

So it is a teaching moment for Jack... In that case, I approve.

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