Biggy's Secret Stash

4 containers cocoa roasted almonds, in the back of the cabinet with the dinnerware.

2 bags M&M's and a Zone bar hidden in the cabinet above the stove, where we keep the dog meds.

1 more package of almonds (just in case),  squirreled in the top of the coffee mugs cabinet.


biggy said...

1.)The almonds are Jack's and mine.
2.)It's not a "secret" stash.
3.)They were buy one get one. There is no shame in that.

Collin Kelley said...

I'm calling TLC and A&E right now.

Anonymous said...

talk about reckless grocery shopping. those things cost like 7 bucks a pop.

Kathy said...

T - next time I'm in Atlanta, we're going to Costco and will build a stash for you (and whoever you choose to share it with).

Lola said...

you mean Lola

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