New Sheriff in Town

So Lola spent yesterday afternoon at her Safety Patrol training session and came home sporting her new flair--cap, belt, giant binder (she's been upgraded from last year's clipboard). That's not all, though; they'll be getting their rain ponchos next week. Bright orange. She was just an ordinary patrol officer in fourth grade, but for fifth she's been promoted to Lieutenant; hence the binder.

Now she can issue warnings, citations, and detention hall slips, and she needs the larger ledger to keep track of the offending masses. She also has command over the lower officers, of course, and MUST hand out demerits if they forget any part of uniform or badge. She watched every episode of Mall Cops this summer, taking notes. School starts tomorrow, and we can all feel a little safer.


Rachel said...

This just made my day. Go Lola.

mamoo said...

i would HATE to be a fifth grader at east side elementary school.

biggy said...

i predict a significant drop in her popularity ranking.

Collin Kelley said...

Wait... AAA? Can she also come and tow my car? ;-)

Kathy said...

Lo would be one of my fifth grade nightmares (there were many...). I cannot get over how grown up she is. Did Biggy make you breakfast for your first day of school too?

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