Daily Lola

Lo: Oh-my-gah, have I gotta story to tell you. Today at lunch, we had soup. Guess what happened?

TR: Someone threw up.

Lo: Of course. So everybody in the lunchroom was staring over at it, and Miss B was walking toward it and didn't see, and all together--I mean the WHOLE room--went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ...ooooohhhhhhh.......EEEEEEEEWWWW!!!!"

TR: She didn't...

Lo: Stepped RIGHT in it. It was awesome!

TR: Sick.

Lo: The lunch room is the BEST. Something always happens in there. Like those two kindergarteners making out last week. I LOVE the lunch room. AND I love kindergarteners. They're like tiny people but giant teddy bears. They are SO cute! All the kindergarteners know me. They're always, "Heeeeeeey Lolaaaaaaa!!!" I get in trouble in the hall because they make so much noise about it. It's terrible. It's awesome. Anyway, I love kindergarteners and I love the lunch room. I really love school lately.


Collin Kelley said...

A future teacher in the making.

mamoo said...

lola, lola, lola. you are so much fun.

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