Last Night, In the Car

Lola: I need thirty dollars for the book fair on Monday.

TR: THIRTY DOLLARS?! You're wack.

Lola: C'mon, it's a great deal. You can give me 15 and Dad can give me 15.

TR: Dad can give you 15, and I can give you 0. I bought you those books at the Y.

Lola: That has nothing to do with this. Anyway, why do you think they let the fourth and fifth graders bring the money and buy their own books, but they make everybody else's parents come?

TR: I guess because they're afraid the younger kids will buy stupid books or books they can't read.

Lola: Once you get to a certain point, you can read anything. I could have read anything in third grade. I was on a 6.2 level. Now I don't even know how high I am.

TR: Yes, you're a prodigy reader and potholder maker.

Lola: I want to get that book, Sheep. I've read part of it, but not all of it. It's really sad. It's about a Guten Ta man.

TR: Huh?

Lola: A Guten Ta man.

TR: What's a Guten Ta man?

Lola: What language is Guten Ta?

TR: German?

Lola: Right. He's a German man then. He lives with goats.


ga said...

.....??? what? Lola, you're so weird!!

mamoo said...

so, did she get the $30?

biggy said...

$30? She tried to hit me up for $100.

Lola said...

no! i said it was a dog who lives with a goten ta man. and its called SHEEP because the dog herds sheep. Mamoo i ended up getting $40.

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