Biggy Flooring

This has been going on since before Thanksgiving--the noise, the mess, the terrible lyrics...


mamoo said...

2 things.

1. biggy probably will only rent that floor nailer thinggy one day a week.


2. why don't you get your fanny in there and help him?

Tania Rochelle said...

Biggy's songs are always about the most recent person to enter his line of sight. Why don't you come help him, Mamoo?

biggy said...

2 things:

1.)Mamoo, I bought the floor nailer, so your apology is not accepted.

2.)The lyrics have only been going on recently.

Collin Kelley said...

Looks like it will be a nice floor when it's finished.

Rachel said...

actually, the lyrics are from an asher roth song called "i love college"..... asher is a skinny white guy who "raps."

Anonymous said...

definitely thought this was gonna be one of those youtube videos where the guy ends up shooting a nail through a bare foot. probably shouldn't include that in the final cut of the how-to.

ButtonHole said...

oh. my. god. And you complained he didn't make coffee????

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