Lola's Food Journal

While oldest sis Sadie was in town this weekend, she bought Lola a blank book in which to record her daily food intake. This is part of Sadie's attempt to counter what she and the first-batch kids think is my master plan to sabotage their figures by eating vicariously through them. Their legend has it that since I am a recovering anorexic/bulimic I load my young offspring up on donut pudding. The way I see it, I've just misguidedly gone to the other side of the spectrum, trying NOT to obsess over their diets OR limit their autonomy. I've always said they can be the boss of their hair and their food. Give them that. Also, pink hair goes nicely with love handles. In any event, while my children might have taken a little while to shed their baby fat, all three older kids have learned from my awesome personal practices and--as adults--eat healthy and exercise, as I trusted they would.

But back to the point: Sadie and Lo have agreed to write down what they consume each day and call each other in the evenings to discuss. So I had this exchange with Lola before school this morning:

Lo: Did you put brownies in my book bag for snack like I asked you to?

TR: I did. Sadie's not going to like that.

Lo: I know. Hey, I promised her I'd try a new food every week.

TR: What are you thinking about trying first?

Lo: Well, I've never had the mint Three Musketeers.


Kathy said...

I LOVE Lola.

christine said...

This is hilarious! Daughters are complicated. (Says a mother of 2 boys)

Sade said...

One of a kind.

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