Big Questions

I was watching this with Lola tonight--Are You Afraid of the Dark episode Jake the Snake, wherein one boy risks his life to save his friend. This got Lo thinking:

Lo: Would you do that?

TR: What? Go into that basement with those snake men?

Lo: Risk your life to save a friend.

TR: If it were someone I loved.

Lo: A friend you loved? Like who?

TR: Like Kathy, Josie....

Lo: You would actually risk your life?

TR: I mean, if there was a chance I could save them and we'd both survive.

Lo: What if there was no way you'd survive? Would you save them?

TR: Nope.

Lo: Nice.

TR: I have kids who need me.

Lo: What if you were a hundred and it was a kid, like a seven-year-old, and there was no way you could survive? Would you save the kid?

TR: Yeah, I think so.

Lo: You should. The kid would have its whole life to live and you'd be about to die anyway.


Anonymous said...

She has point!!!

Anonymous said...

she has a point!!!

Kathy said...

I'm glad that you'd try to save me, but also think the risk assessment is a good idea. No point in us both not making it. I would do the same. I think. I hope it's never put to the test, but wouldn't that suck if I turned out to be a total coward? If so, I'd die of guilt & shame anyway (or live a long life tortured by guilt & shame).

One plus of not having kids - I've never seen an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. I think it may be worse than the snake pit.

Collin said...

That sounds reasonable.

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