I Heart Jon Stewart


Macy Swain said...

I know, I know, I LOVE that guy. And the Rapper/Republican bit was hilarious. The new kid, Wyatt Cenac, is fitting right in. Did you see his piece last week where he went to Florida and had lunch with a bunch of old Jews?

Kathy said...

I heart Jon too. Unless we imagined it, he dropped the f bomb a few times on tonight's show and they didn't bleep it. I think Wyatt is pretty funny. Loved the FL segment. I hope they lead with the John McCain B Spears/P Hilton ad tomorrow. Honestly think Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the only reasons I made it thru the last 8 years.

ads. said...

They certainly had no shortage of MATERIAL to work with, these past 8 years. Dat is some straight-up, funny SH_ _(bleep)!!

Tania Rochelle said...

The FL bit was priceless.

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