They Must Be Good!

Everyone who knows me well is aware that I don't eat sweets--except for the occasional treat made with Splenda. So when Jack came home from a friend's today and saw a half-wrapped Riesen sitting next to me on the counter, he wondered:

JackMan: Are you eating candy?!

TR: No. I caught Fay chewing on it. I don't know where she found it.

JackMan: It's a Riesen! Those are awesome. I'll take it.

TR: Fay was chewing on it!

JackMan: That's ok.

(He unwraps it.)

TR: And I don't know where she found it!

(He pops it in his mouth.)


M. RuPere said...

so what? he's your son and you take baths with dogs . . .

Kathy said...

I'm going to have to get a bag of Riesen's next time I'm at the grocery store.

ads. said...

regular, or "pre-chewed"?...

Once in a while, the immune system needs something to practice on.

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