This morning, Biggy and I were watching a news report about the Grandma Bandit, who's robbed a Bank of America in California twice this year. While my thoughts were hopping from, 'Wow--she must be really desperate' to 'She needs a visit from Family Services,' my husband was thinking some thoughts of his own:

Biggy: I'm gonna rob a bank when I get old.

TR: Yeah?

Biggy: Sure. What would they do to you? 75...80 years old...never been in trouble with the law...They wouldn't throw you in jail. You could just claim dementia.

TR: Sounds like a plan.

Biggy: Oh, I'm gonna do a lot of things when I get old. I can't WAIT!

TR: Do tell.

Biggy: Like crap my pants at the mall and call Georgia to come pick me up.


Collin Kelley said...

I'd go ahead and book Biggy's bed at Shady Rest now, T.Ro.

mamoo said...

a grandma robbed a bank. hmmmmmmm.

Kathy said...

Biggy - be careful what you wish for...... and what makes you think that GA would come pick you up?

ga said...


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