Traveling is Such an Adventure

The reason for my trip to St. Augustine is the FLAC (Florida Literary Arts Council) conference. I'm reading tomorrow with my friend Marty Williams. It's a morning event, which means we'll probably be reading to the coffee and donuts set-up crew, but whatever.

I'm looking forward to visiting with some folks I haven't seen in a while--and to hearing the various panels, etc. tomorrow and Saturday, but after driving for six-plus hours, I could NOT talk myself into attending the opening festivities. It was dark when I got here, and I'm disoriented. I hate walking into social gatherings alone. I might as well be 13 with headgear.

So I've got an eggplant parmesan sub from a shop down the road and a big bottle of...Pelligrino. Grey's Anatomy's on in a few.

Don't hate me because I'm exciting.


Kathy said...

And you have a hotel room and TV/remote control all to yourself. Sounds pretty good to me.

biggy said...

Fay wasted no time in shitting on the floor. I MAY let her out her cage before Sunday.

mamoo said...

i think i DO love fay.

greg, tickets?

ButtonHole said...

Is that a HELLO, KITTY gown??


biggy said...

Mamoo, I don't think my ticket broker came thru.

And T, you can leave the hello kitty gown in Florida. Really.

aud said...

love the pajamas!

Collin Kelley said...

DAMN! You're a party animal.

Tania Rochelle said...

Those are bunnies skiing on my pj's--not Hello Kitty.
It's not a gown. Remember, I'm not allowed to wear flannel nightgowns.

By the way, I was in my room, in these pajamas, at 9:30 tonight too!

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