A.M. Conversation

Biggy: Today is the day I'm gonna get my tan on.

TR: Could you please not use that phrase, Bert?

Biggy: What?

TR: You know--'get whatever on.'

Biggy: Oh, like 'Get my drink on, get my pants on, get my breakfast on'?

TR: Yeah, stop it already; I'm warning you.

Biggy: Hey, how do you put cheese in eggs? Do you stir it into the raw eggs or wait until the eggs are in the pan?

TR: Are you about to get your scramble on?

Biggy: Yep.

TR: I'm not going to tell you.


mamoo said...

headless man hahahahahahah

Kathy said...

I just saw this and thought of you...


Please don't ever let me see you featured in an article on this topic.

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