Worse and Bad

Georgia, who turned 20 this month, came in from Athens yesterday and spent the night. This morning:

TR: George, run up to Publix and get me some tampons.

Georgia: No way! Forget it!

TR: Pleeeeeease... I'll give you a twenty and you can keep the change.

Georgia: Really? Hmmmm...let me think about it.... Fine. But I'm going just like I am.

TR: That's great. I think you should mess your hair up even more and buy nothing but Tampax and a chocolate bar.

Georgia: You realize this will be the first time I've ever bought them.

TR: You're such a baby.


Kathy said...

Next time I'm in Atlanta give me a twenty and I'll happily buy your tampons.

biggy said...

why didn't you make me that offer?

Collin Kelley said...

Wait...if GA hasn't been buying them who has? Does shave an official tampon buyer Athens?

ga said...

Anna buys them usually, or I steal them from Mom. I made Blaise buy them once... It's not that I have a problem with buying them, I just haven't had to.

ButtonHole said...

Oh, I was thinking you were Maxi-pads all the way!!

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