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From: tania@XXXXXXXX
Subject: Question
Date: April 30, 2009 12:06:35 PM EDT
To: "Principal"@XXXXk12.org

My third-grade daughter, Lola, came home with a remarkable story I'm finding hard to believe. She claims that the classroom has been taped off to the size of the trailers they will be schooled in next year and that they're being "trained for the trailers." She says they're learning how to use less space.

I do hope this story is a product of her wild imagination, because I'd hate to think the kids are having to suffer prematurely for what is already a minor tragedy of government priorities. It's bad enough that they'll actually be assigned to trailers next year, but restricting them now would be like making someone with a degenerative disease go ahead and use a wheel chair while he can still walk.

Is my child telling the truth?

Thanks for clarifying.

Tania Rochelle


biggy said...

If she responds please ask her why she never replied to my email regarding whether she really understood the lyrics to Soulja Boys "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" and that perhaps it's not the best song to be broadcasting TO THIRD GRADERS.

mamoo said...

ABSURD! what kind of IDIOT would would require this of kids? and, biggy, what you do is fax your question to her HOURLY until you get an answer.

Collin Kelley said...

I had two classes in trailers during my freshman year of high school and I preferred it. So much easier to slip out of school for a smoke or run to DQ.

Tania Rochelle said...

The principal responded later in the afternoon to thank me for letting her know and to assure me that if Lola was telling the truth, the tape would be removed today.

As for her not responding to Biggy, she probably thought he was a Pentecostal.

ga said...

Wait, the WHOLE school is going to be in trailers?? They built new wings of every school I went to in order to get rid of the trailers all together. This doesn't make any sense???

biggy said...

gaga, these trailers are needed because they are starting on construction of a new school, which of course will not be completed until Lola's moved on to middle school.

And T, I'm as liberal as they come, but really, "Superman that ho!!"??

ButtonHole said...

Hell, why stop there? Instead of desks, why not have the kids crawl into coffins to "train for the grave," as it were?

I'm all for increased pay for educators; on the other hand, I don't wish to reward this type of idiocy in any form.

(Collin: I was never in a trailer... and was always intensely jealous of those who were. The kids in the trailer classrooms always acted as if they were so much better than everyone else. Now I know why!)

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