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Sample Poem:


I’d like to tell you it’s because
I sense the priest is a pedophile,
or know the pianist beats
his wife because she stutters.
I want to say the church is too hot,
that the depiction of an angel
holding John the Baptist’s head
like she’s about to drop-kick it
scares me; that I’m woozy
from the god-awful heat
and the blood oozing from the lamb
in stained glass. I’d mention
bad dresses snatched from the backs
of closets, safe mauves, and pantyhose.
I could claim memories
of my own failed marriage, like tiny
glass shards in my fingertips, still hurt
when I press down, though I only
glimpse them in a certain light;
claim I’ve forgotten what it was like
to look at him the way
this bride is looking at this groom,
the way her father looks at her
mother, swept into the vortex
that is past and future all at once,
a shuffle of snapshots--first grade,
the goofy kid at the birthday party,
prom. But it’s because her gown
says This is the ball,
and midnight is a long way off


Collin Kelley said...


Rupert said...

wow, that is very strong! Congrats!!

Kathy said...

Agreed. Also, I love this poem.

Montgomery Maxton said...

I can hardly wait!!!!

Howard Hill said...

Love it. Can't wait to read all of 'em.

Sara said...

Hell yes! I can't wait to read the whole damn thing. Congratulations x a million.

christine said...

Congratulations, Tania! This poem is fantastic, from beginning to end. And the voice is the one I remember from Karaoke Funeral – aware, honest, intelligent. Can't wait to read the collection!

Dustin Brookshire said...

I am so fucking excited to hear this news. I want an autographed copy ASAP. Congrats! Congrats!

Tania Rochelle said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Harpy said...

i love this poem.

Allan said...

Congratulations. Great news. Cheers!

Lisa Zimmerman said...

Tania, I am so THRILLED about this book! I want to bring you to UNC as a visiting poet next year! Just say yes!

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

Where do I start. One powerful image after another, one gut-searing possibility, and the loveliness of the dream that brings you to tears. Midnight is a long way off. You know but does she know that midnight sometimes arrives sooner than we dreamed possible.

I thank Christine for bringing me here. Wow.

ButtonHole said...

Great poem, Tania!!!

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