Waxing Nostalgic

Biggy's employer is making him take a CAD class, which is seriously cutting into his Gawker reading time, but it's at a school close to the house, so he's been coming home at noon every day this week to wake Jack up and eat lunch with Lola. Today, he called, super excited, to tell me (he meant to tell me yesterday!) that Lo LOVES The Price is Right--the SAME show he used to watch when he was a kid at home in the summer!!


Rupert said...

that hair-fluffing is a bit corny - what a tranny might do actually - but I had to watch the whole 10 minutes before weighing in :)

Collin Kelley said...

It's just not the same without Bob.

e! said...

My brother used to watch this EVERY day during the summer. So much so, that he knew all of the Barker's Beauties by their names. He loved it!

christine swint said...

I used to know a kid who knew Bob Barker, which made me think the kid was cool.

biggy said...

"super excited" might be a slight embellishment, no?

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