Oh the Places You Will Go!

...when you Google.

This morning, after Lo got off to the bus stop and I started uploading the pictures, I was considering how much hair we have as a family. I mean, so MUCH hair--between me and Lola and Sadie and Georgia, not to mention the two guys, who have hair to spare. I was thinking about how they could carpet the Taj Mahal with all the hair in this bunch, but I didn't much like that metaphor, so I started searching around to see what kinds of odd things people might do with hair, and I found there's lots: There's embroidery, and jewelry, and dresses, and the list goes on and on. But somehow, hair led to other things, and I wound up finding this, not being hair but heads and such.


ga said...

Wow... opened that link while I was eating dinner... not a good idea. Disgusting.

Tania Rochelle said...

You should be thanking me for showing you something this cool.

Allan said...

Just one of the many things an MFA prepares you for.

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