Lunch With Biggy at Willy's

We have a basement apartment in our house, and we're trying to get it rented, so we were discussing the fact that I would have to show it this evening since he had a meeting:

Biggy: I started cleaning up some little dead bugs that were around the baseboards. Would you broom the rest?

TR: Broom?

Biggy: Yeah, broom up the bugs I didn't get.

TR: You mean SWEEP?

Biggy: What do you do with a vacuum?

TR: Vacuum...

Biggy: What do you do with a mop?

TR: OK--do you car with a car? No, you DRIVE a car.

Biggy: Some people drive a broom.


mamoo said...

per-fect comeback.

Harpy said...

wiiiiiiilllllyyysss. i can't believe biggy came up with that one liner while under an assumed burrito coma.

Tania Rochelle said...

Mamoo, thanks for having my back.

Alison, he's pretty much always burrito-comatose.

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