Olive Obsessed

I've never seen her in person, but I am smitten with her. In my dreams, we go for long Autumn walks by the river--with her in the Snugli--and I tell her how much cuter she is than every other mutt we pass; I spoon-feed her homemade chicken and rice and read her Carl books before bedtime. I have her Elvis collars special-made and let her pick out her own Halloween costume. She loves me best, just like Fay does, but she doesn't bite children or growl at grown-ups, because she's perfect. The perfect dog for me.


biggy said...

keep dreaming.

Montgomery Maxton said...

she's adorable.

Anonymous said...

looks like a creepy bunny

Collin Kelley said...

You're lusting in your heart, T.Ro.

Anonymous said...

it's too soon for your birthday. how 'bout christmas?

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