Slinging Analogies

Biggy: So you wanna go to K&G tonight to look at that three-piece suit I want and then go to dinner?

TR: Sure. If you buy the suit, does that mean I get to buy those Frye boots I've been wanting?

Biggy: No. The suit is a great deal. I told you--I went in because I needed some dress shoes. Then I saw the suit sale--which gives you the shoes free if you buy the suit. So if I spend $180 on the suit, I get the $70 shoes for free. A screaming deal.

TR: Well, I should buy a ball gown then.

Biggy: That doesn't make any sense.

TR: Yeah it does. I need a ball gown as much as you need a suit.

Biggy: That's a bad analogy. Even if you could get the boots for free with the ball gown...I mean... You don't NEED the boots...I need the dress shoes. I could just pay $70 for the shoes, I guess, but for $50 more, I could get a suit too. It's a no-brainer.

TR: So, if I REALLY NEEDED a $50 pair of new running shoes, because mine were worn out, but I could pay $180 for a ball gown and get the shoes for free, that would be comparable?

Biggy: No, because I'd wear the suit more than you'd wear the ballgown.

TR: But I'd wear the running shoes more than you'd wear the dress shoes.

Biggy: But I'd wear the dress shoes more than you'd wear the boots, so...OH--AND I could wear the dress shoes WITH the suit!


Rachel said...

If you see Gary, ask him what boots Catie Griffin has been working on. They are AMAZING. But, yes, you deserve Frye boots. I love love love mine. They were a super investment.

ButtonHole said...

But 70 + 50 is 120. I hope you didn't let that slide, T.

Tania Rochelle said...

Oh, I figured you'd gather neither one of us can add.

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