Friday Nostalgia

Turn-of-the-century excellence. Magnolia, 1999.


Collin said...

One of the greatest movies ever made...and so is that Aimee Mann song. Good choice, T.

Kathy said...

I never saw this one. Started to rent a couple of times but have a hard time getting over the Tom Cruise ick factor. Will give it a shot after seeing this.

Collin said...

Tom is icky as hell in this movie, but for a different reason. I think it's the best thing he's ever done. The ensemble cast is so amazing and Tom's story is just part of something much bigger. Julianne Moore's scenes at the shrink and in the pharmacy where she's getting her prescriptions filled are so brilliantly acted you'll get chills...then cry.

Ty said...

Pretty good movie. I personally like when it started raining frogs.

biggy said...

The best part of this movie is when Tom Cruise jumps up and down on Oprah's couch.

M. RuPere said...

wait, I thought it rained frogs in "The Last Wave" - '80 Aussie flick w Rich Chamberlin having aboriginal issues

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