How Fair Is This?

Biggy is here:

and I am here:


Rupert said...

Very historical spot - where the good people of Cobb Co. lynched Leo Frank - eat your heart out, Biggy!

Kathy said...

Since Biggy's out of town, sounds like a good time to break out the flannel nightgown.

Tania Rochelle said...

I did. Lo didn't mind at all.

Montgomery Maxton said...

Why is that KFC like that?

Tracie said...

Is it just me or does the Big Chicken KFC have the freshest biscuits? I mean, one time I went waaaaaay out of the way to go there just for the biscuits (you already know how I feel about the no trans fat FRIED chicken).

So that's something Biggz doesn't have - Big Chicken biscuits.

Collin said...

Flannel nighties, greasy chicken and biscuits...sounds like a party in the burbs to me. Someone get me a Zima.

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