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I've listened to a lot more radio lately due to the interstate sludge that is holiday traffic. Awful, unimaginative 30-second spots hawking the worst ideas for Christmas presents since summer sausage. In addition to those are the usual terrible television commercials, like the one with the couple driving down the road where the man looks like Jeffrey Dahmer, and the first time I saw it--before I found out it was a jewelry ad, I thought something BAD was about to happen. Or the one where the woman is singing "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things" with a voice like Melanie Griffith on crack.

As a result, I've composed a list of a few Things I Do NOT Want for Christmas:

1. A "Journey" pendant. Hello--the emperor has no clothes! Looks like it was designed by a chimp.

2. Laser hair removal. I don't care what the commercial claims, don't give your lady anything that says "you're hairy."

3. The "big maroon envelope" from Spa Sydell. A massage might actually be nice, but the commercial promises the buyer he's sure to receive a "special" thank you from his loved one, and I don't think we should have to do certain things on Christmas.

4. Donna Karan's new fragrance for women, Cashmere Mist. The woman in the commercial seems to suggest taking the bottle somewhere private, and I don't want to smell that.

5. A Lowe's gift card.


biggy said...

Spa Sydell massages come with a happy ending?

Kathy said...

Did you ever see the Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry's massage almost comes with a happy ending before he puts a stop to it?

My least favorite commercials are the "He went to Jared" ones. I don't know any woman who wants a gift from Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry.

Tania Rochelle said...

I hate hate hate those Jared commercials. They make women look like gold-digging bitches and men look like pussywhipped sadsacks.

ga said...

Anyone who supports those awful commercials by shopping at Jared should be kicked very hard.

Collin said...

Tania seems more like a Shane Co. kinda gal.

Anonymous said...

I HATE SHANE COMPANY! If I ever seen that guy on the street, I'm so kicking his ass! And thanks Tania! I bought my mom a Spa Sydell massage. Now, I definitely need therapy!

ads.- (not SAD, as in sack) said...

W.W.W.- not as long as you don't expect a "special" thank you.

T- maybe that's why Santa comes on Christmas eve (but not at his house)...'cause Mrs. Claus don't play dat either...

no chance of anyone getting jewelry from me anytime soon.

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