When 'No Thank You' Would Suffice

This morning at breakfast I asked the visiting Georgia if she would like to have the nightgown, since I'm not allowed to wear it:

Georgia: Um, no. Never.

TR: It's so comfortable! You could just wear it in your dorm room. No one except Martha would ever have to see it.

Georgia: I don't want to turn myself off.


Jessica said...

You know T, this is sort of outside my nature of "fashion should hurt and anything that is not a design choice should not be worn" but I lovvvve your nightgown. I mean, I love those types of flannel nightgowns. I in fact have a little flannel number. IN FACT (and you can bring this fact to the ears of Georgia) I know several real celebrities (you know that I was a rock star nanny) whom also are known to wear flannel nightgowns. LONG LIVE FLANNEL NIGHTIES. And anyone who disagrees can kiss my flannel-clad ass.

ads. said...

I agree....KEEP THE FLANNEL, wear it proudly, and what's all this "not allowed" bullshit...is the Taliban back in town?

Tania Rochelle said...

Jessica, I'm going to give it to you.

Ads., there are things Biggy's not allowed to wear. Flipflops with socks, for instance. And coaching shorts.

Collin said...

Georgia gets better and better and those zippy retorts.

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