Blogger Fail

So I was sure I could post every day in January--hence, the cute little NaBloPoMo button in the sidebar, indicating the theme, BEST. How hard can it be, really, to think of the best of something every 24 hours? And yet, and yet, I have already missed three days! I'm a loser, Baby. At the very least, I could throw up a picture of the Christmas tree that is still in full regalia, dehydrating in the corner of our sunroom. Or Jack's New Year's resolution grocery list that makes me feel like I'm shopping for Cobb County's next Junior Miss (Fresca, lo-fat yogurt...). Maybe it's just that I have so many balls in the air right now--the new book, work, school, Twitter. And there's the cold weather like a slow bleed, draining my sparkle.

In any case, I'll try to do better.


Anonymous said...

poor jack.

Montgomery Maxton said...

I'm sure there's something you can spray on the tree to preserve it for another 11 1/2 months.

biggy said...

we're simply letting the tree ripen for my annual xmas tree burning.

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