From Monday's Poetry Daily, a poem by Mark Jarman

Good God

Instead of casting them out of paradise,
Instead of making them labor in pain and sweat,
Instead of instilling tristesse after coitus,
Instead of giving them fire to burn their house down

And light their way into the outer world,

He could have split them, each with a memory of the other,
And put them each into a separate world.


Rupert said...

interesting . . . but it just doesn't *seem* like Mark . . . his so-solid marriage, etc . . . his upstandingness . . . I can't imagine his wanting a separate world from (forgot her name) . . . but maybe the person we are is not a part of some of our poems . . .

Tania Rochelle said...

Isn't that exactly the point--that they were spared the most cruel punishment, separation?

Rupert said...

okay . . . I can read it that way now . . . i guess i was turning could into should

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