Biggie and I celebrated New Year's Eve at Serpas, which was named one of the country's "ten best new restaurants" in one of my husband's lame metrosexual magazines. GQ, I think--the one with Rihanna's boobs on the front. That's Ree-onna, by the way, so don't make the mistake of calling her Ree-anna. At least not in front of anyone in my family. All you'll hear is Reee-yann-naaa, along with references to Powder Springs, for the next three months.

Anyway, the restaurant was lovely, lots of glass and twinkly lights, and the food was excellent. I had a New York strip with french horn mushrooms(!), tiny eggplants, and tinier potatoes. Biggy had the pork shoulder with smoked cheese grits and sauteed greens. I had to eat his greens, of course, because, well, they're green.

The room was full of beautiful young people wearing expensive shoes and bustiers. More and more, I feel out of place in public. I've always felt like an outside observer, but the condition is getting worse. I guess I'll start wearing purple and all of that.


biggy said...

You looked smashing.

ga said...

Yea, you can just be you and be AWESOME. Those other people are gonna have ugly blisters and messed up insides from squeezing themselves into Spanx.

Anonymous said...

ga...I tried on a Spanx once, and muffin tops don't describe what happened... more like portobello mushroom tops.

T - you always look amazing, but I'm ready to wear purple. Oh wait, I already don't give a shit what I wear.

how the hell do i get a blogger account? i'm such a loser.

Collin Kelley said...

You were literally a block from my place. I haven't dined at Serpas yet either, but the pork and grits does sound heavenly. You can eat my greens, too.

Nicholas said...

have you considered purple hair?

e! said...

You were a block from me too! I haven't eaten there yet, but I plan on it. I used to work with the owner right after I graduated from college!

And, I agree with ga! I bet they didn't have much fabric around them, so they were probably freezing all night!

Glad you had a wonderful and delicious New Years!


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