New Nightgown

So yesterday, Georgia and I went to Marshall's to look around, and while we were in Lingerie looking for her some sports bras, I found a selection of an all-time favorite of mine, big-ass flannel nightgowns. It took a while to choose between the classic blue with white floral print, a pink one with little apron-clad ladies on it that read "Do I look like your maid?" and the one I finally landed on, pictured above.

I hung the gown over my arm and went around the rack to find George:

George: What are you doing with that?

TR: I'm going to get it. Doesn't it look warm and comfy?

George: Put it back.

TR: No.

George: You need to put it back. Trust me. Why don't you get the Hello Kitty pajamas instead--if you just have to get flannel.

TR: I thought about it, but I really love this.

George: Mom...Never mind.

TR: What?

George: Never mind.

TR: You might as well tell me what you were about to say. I'm not gonna let it go.

George: You won't be doing yourself any favors if you wear that to bed with Greg.

TR: I don't have to wear it every night.

George: The image will stick.

She continued her argument all the way to check-out, wherupon the cashier caught bits and pieces as she rung up the gown and proceeded to fold it.

TR (to cashier): My daughter thinks this gown is going to ruin my love life.

Cashier: I've got noooo comment.

TR: Y'all are wrong.

So last night, while Biggy was putting Oceans 13 in the dvd player, I went and put my new purchase on and came back out.

Biggy: What is THAT?!

TR: You don't like it?

Biggy: Take it off.

TR: Oh, come on.

Biggy: I mean it, Tania. Take it off. Don't start dressing like a sixty-year-old woman.

TR: I wore these when I was a kid.

Biggy: Don't dress like a six-year-old either.

TR: I'm wearing it. It's warm. If you hate it so much, maybe you'll get the heater fixed.

Biggy: That thing is going to disappear tomorrow.

TR: Well, I'm wearing it tonight.

This morning, Biggy thought he might rub my back or something. He wanted to touch skin but couldn't find a way.

Biggy: I can't even get into this thing.

TR: It's a flannel vault.

And a little later, I was sitting on the top of the stairs, petting Stella and Fay, when Biggy walked by:

TR: I wish this gown had Chihuahuas on it instead of Scotties.

Biggy: It's not going to matter.


Sade said...


Tania Rochelle said...

You're thinking you want one too, huh Sade?

Mary Campbell said...

I bought this same print in a two-piece flannel set for my mom for Christmas.

She's 68, Tania...and she owns a Westie, which is pretty close to a Scottie.

Tania Rochelle said...

Thanks for that, Mary.

It is now 4:07 pm, and I have not taken it off yet. Soon, I will have to shower and leave the house, after which I suspect I will never see the gown again.

I'm going to miss it.

ButtonHole said...

You have an incredible talent with dialogue and detail!

I've really loved your postings in the last couple of weeks, especially. They almost inspire me to write something on my poor lonely blog......nah....

I see no reason why you can't pack that nightgown up and take it with you during the day, maybe stash it in your glove compartment? Or am I aiding and abetting?

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing. I would have one too, but find that nightgowns are a little drafty at the bottom although, as you've noted, the top is very secure.

I just showed Randy the nightgown photo. I hope it makes him feel better about my cute & sporty Hanes panties that he thinks should be worn only by Grandmas. We should go shopping on my next trip to Atlanta.

Jaime said...

Tania, as one who lives in a loft with NO heat, i say wear your flannel nightgown out of protest.

i'm wearing four layers of clothes and looking like a dickens waif as i type this and shiver.

Collin said...

Did you get some granny panties to go with that, too?

Tania Rochelle said...

So what if I did?

mamoo said...

let me tell ya'll one thing and that is i am over 60 and do not wear flannel gowns and i don't wear hanes granny panties so don't go lumping all over 60 in one old lady group. ok?

Sade said...

Mamoo, thats because youre too cool for panties period.

mamoo said...

sade, don't tell anyone, ok?

elsabelle said...

I laughed so hard I had to share this one with Hadi. He says to tell you:

One word two syllabes: muumuu.

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