A Fine Mess

When we leave the house, we put Fay and the puppy in the spare room, which is now the dogs' room, which has baby gates across the doorways. This morning, we went to the Y. Here is the scene we returned to:

video video


Lola said...

worlds DUMBEST dog !

biggy said...


ButtonHole said...

I KINDA wanted to see how that ended!!! BZZZZZZZZ [click!]

Collin Kelley said...

Is this the next sequel to SAW? Poor Fay.

Tania Rochelle said...

It ended with her shrinking in fear from that buzzing tool and sort of falling out of the squeeze.

mamoo said...

fay has addison's you know.

you people are HORRIBLE!!!!!

Rachel said...

this is tragically hilarious. happy new year!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Tania.I'm glad your doggie is alright. We actually had a terribly tragic scene, not unlike yours, when I was young girl--a German Shepherd puppy got stuck, and the mother was unable to get her out. She (the pup) died by being choked by the cross-bars of the doggie-gate. I mention this so you'll know how easily that can happen(if say, another,slightly larger-necked pup was enclosed).
Hope all is well now.

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