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Dear readers (all five or six of you),

I've been under the weather. Still am.

But I wanted to mention that my friend Rick Campbell will be reading (and promoting his beautiful new book, Dixmont) at A Cappella Books tomorrow night, and I will be reading with him. Click here and scroll down for info on that event. In the meantime, here's a poem from that collection:


My heart was suspect.
Wired to an EKG,
I walked a treadmill
that measured my ebb
and flow, tracked isotopes
that ploughed my veins,
looked for a constancy
I’ve hardly ever found.
For a month I worried
as I climbed the stairs
to my office. The mortality
I never believed in
was here now. They
say my heart’s ok,
just high cholesterol, but
I know my heart’s a house
someone has broken into,
a room you come back
to and know some stranger
with bad intent has been there
and touched all that you love. You know
he can come back. It’s his call,
his house now.


Rupert said...

Looks good, I hope to be there.
Nice to see you at the Tech thing, Sat - hope you're feeling better - nice blue brushed cloth coat btw - consignment?

Collin Kelley said...

I plan to be there, too.

Kathy said...

This is one of those times I wish I still lived in Atlanta - I'd be there if I did. Cute picture on the event info from A Cappella Books.

Montgomery Maxton said...

thats a great poem.

e! said...

Hey T!
I hope you are feeling better...is anyone taking care of you for a change??? :0)
Let me know if you need some soup...

Collin Kelley said...

It was a great reading, even surrounded by all those naked people. :)

ButtonHole said...

I just read this. I'm just sitting around watching TV. I seriously would have considered driving over! awww.

g said...

....naked people?

Rupert said...

well the reading was in a gallery w color photos, one was a naked guy in full frontal repose - right behind T as she read, lol - which she duly noted . . . Biggy later id'ed the guy as M Mills of REM - there - too much information!

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