Sunday Dinner

Sunday, I invited Mamoo over for dinner, to thank (some would say punish) her for watching Stella while we were out of town. I told her we'd have to eat early, around 5, since Jack had Judo. After Mom agreed to come, I got a call from Georgia, saying she was headed back from Athens and would eat dinner with us if I'd let her cook some of it. Then I found out from Jack that he didn't have Judo after all, so suddenly we weren't under the time constraints we had before. I could even bake some yams.

Now, it was full-on dinner for 6, with me being relegated to sous chef, a more appropriate position. Still feeling that pilgrim spirit, I bought a Jenny-O bird-in-a-bag, and we ended up with an after-the-fact-sans-gravy/stuffing/jello-quasi-holiday-dinner.

We used holiday-print napkins instead of paper towels and broke out the matching John Deere dinnerware. This is what a special occasion, planned or impromptu, looks like at my house:


mamoo said...

the dinner was delicious, you make an excellent sous chef, the company was marvelous, but, oh.my god. a squashcasserole-cranberry- turkey sandwich on loaf bread even. and he ate it.

ads. said...

Maybe it's a good thing there was no judo. Just think what that sandwich would look like- all over the mat, after a Kata Guruma!

Kathy said...

Is the John Deere dinnerware only used on special occasions?

Tania Rochelle said...

As has been well documented, Kathy, I can never have anything that doesn't get ruined, broken, or stolen; this is the only FULL set I have left--eight plates, etc.

So, I guess it could be considered my special china.

Kathy said...

I still have the Fiesta Ware that I got years ago with you at that pottery place in Marietta. It's for our "fine" and everyday dining.

Tania Rochelle said...

See the blue bowl in the middle of the table, Kathy?

Collin Kelley said...

I don't see the problem with Jack putting all that stuff on the sandwich. Like my dad always said...it's all going down the same hole.

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