Friday Nostalgia

Wholesome family fun.


Collin Kelley said...

I loved that damn show. When I was a kid I wanted to run a hotel and have a cute little dog and naked women bathing in the water tank. There might be a poem in that. Hmmm...

ButtonHole said...

Billy Jo, Bobby Jo, and Betty Jo!! All named after Uncle Joe, no doubt. And remember that mean man who rode on that contraption (I'm sure it has a name) down the railroad track? He was always wanting....rent?...or something from Kate. They hated to see him coming, but they were always nice to him cuz that's just who they were. Maybe he wanted to buy the hotel and tear it down? It's coming to me....There was a symbolic Big Bad City vs. Small Town working there.

Anxiously awaiting Collin's Petticoat Poem.

Word verification: downsta (a depressed gangsta?)

ads. said...

I think they sell that as bottled water now...they call it "Bottle Jo" bathing booty water.

Word verification: ingest.

Lisa Allender said...

My younger sister and I used to "act out" some of the scenes. I always liked the blond "Jo".

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