25 Things About Me

I was tagged again, this time on Facebook, and since I've been having trouble actually writing posts lately, I thought I'd comply, even though it's a meme I've done before and before:

1. When I was a kid, we lived in a little brick ranch house in a row of six similar ranches on Hiram Lithia Road in Powder Springs. One of our neighbors had chihuahuas and raised chinchillas. I suspect the seeds of my current lifestyle were planted there.

2. Another one of our neighbors was addicted to Pepsi. She always had stacks of cases in her kitchen.

3. My friend Deauna lived at the end of the row. She and I used to sneak Close-Up toothpaste in the bed at night and eat it.

4. I had my tonsils removed when I was four. It took my mom, the nurse, and the doctor to pry my finger from my fist so they could prick it for blood.

5. When I was 7, I had a fever of 106. In the emergency room, they packed me in crushed ice.

6. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

7. In middle school, I was the editor of our literary magazine, The Center Pole.

8. My only sibling died of Leukemia when she was 24 and I was 26. I was touching her feet when she died.

9. I haven't spoken to my father in almost 16 years.

10. I broke up with my high school boyfriend close to the end of my senior year. When he started seeing a pretty girl from another school, I talked him into getting back together. With her safely out of the picture, I broke up with him again before I left for college that summer.

11. He threatened to run over me with the car.

12. I'm still impressed with his restraint at not running me down.

13. The most unforgettable short story I've ever read is this one.

14. I was so brainwashed by the Baptist church that until I was in my thirties I actually believed women have one more rib than men.

15. When I was 10 or 11, I read Last Tango in Paris.

16. The soundtrack to my childhood is Rod Stewart and the Doors.

17. My father made me start shaving my legs when I was 10.

18. Growing up, I had elaborate, epic fantasies in which I was a Boxcar child. These scenarios were oddly sexual.

19. The last words my sister ever spoke to me were regarding my old black China flats: "Don't you have any other shoes?"

20. The best teacher I ever had was Ellen Bryant Voigt. I've had many exceptional teachers.

21. My first car was a 1970 LeMans Sports Coupe, pea green. I cried when I got it for my birthday--and not tears of joy.

22. That car got seven miles to the gallon.

23. I've been in therapy for 22 years. Off and on. Mostly on.

24. I have a recurring dream in which I'm in college again, but I've forgotten to attend one of my classes for half the semester. It's always a Math class.

25. I can forgive almost anything, but you've got to really be sorry.


Rupert said...

very nice . . . i usually hate those things but you took it to another level - it also made me resolve again to stay on your good side, lol -

k said...

I have the precise same recurring dream - college, forgot to go to classes for half the semester - except mine's always a European History class. Fascinating.

mamoo said...

tania, i was so brainwashed by the baptist church that until i was in my FIFTIES i actually believed women have one more rib than men.

Lisa said...

I have the same dream about class! It's always right before finals and I'm scrambling to talk to the professor to explain that I've forgotten I was signed up for the class. It's MUCH worse inside the dream than in the retelling!

Lisa said...

Lisa? Why's it calling me Lisa? I'm okay with that, but....

Tania Rochelle said...

Mamoo, I'm pretty sure I cleared that up for you when I found out. True, you would have been about 50.

Ladies, that dream really IS scary, and I, too, am always trying to find the instructor to explain, but I can never remember WHERE the classroom is.

Rupert said...

me too on the college bad dream - i've forgotten to go to class all semester, I'm gonna get an Incomplete, I'm going to Viet nam . . . I wake up . . . whew -
it must be that some stressful mental pathways get indelibly stained in college - oops, hashed metaphor
(word verification: hebad)

Collin Kelley said...

Always great to learn a few new things about you. Does Close-Up taste that good? You should try Crest Cinnamon Burst...I have to stop myself from eating it.

Kathy said...

Weird about the college dream -- I've had it several times and it's usually an English class.
I've had the same dream twice in the last week - I can't catch my breath. This one is easy to figure out - I was sleeping on my stomach and our cat (at her full winter weight)was sleeping on my upper back.

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