Friday Nostalgia

I recently came across an old essay I wrote shortly after Lola was born. It brought back the memory of years I spent with Gin Miller and Step Reebok. Here's an excerpt:

Once I had a beautiful body that I didn't appreciate, with small but buoyant breasts and long legs I toned by running fifty miles a week. Four kids later, need I describe it? Now I do outdated Step Reebok videos, incrementally, in the three-foot space between the padded coffee table and the baby swing. I don't even need a sports bra; during the more rigorous parts, I just hold both breasts in my left hand, keeping my right hand free to swipe the ceiling fan chain away from my face...

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Kathy said...

I love Gin Miller, but really hate Step Reebok. My brief step class period coincided with the Purple Rain soundtrack release. New rule - I do workouts that require dumbells and a mat only. Anything else is too complicated & we don't have the room (also have ceiling fan chain issue). Randy dreams of a house with big shop & garage; I dream of one with room for an elliptical.

I wish I'd appreciated my 20 lb lighter self for all those years instead of wasting so much time worrying about how fat I was. And FYI - you still have a great body.

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