Strep, Day 2


biggy said...

She's now in basically the same position, except in our bed watching TV.

Kathy said...

Day 1 of being home sick is usually ok, but by day 2 the novelty wears off.

Make sure that you tell Lo that in the old days when we stayed home from school, there was no remote control and we only had a couple of channels to choose from.

Tania Rochelle said...

There was no CHOOSING anything. I had to watch whatever my mother was watching, which was the Price is Right and Dr. Kildare--and it was usually through Vick's Vaporub fog.

mamoo said...

tania you are such a fibber. you know i didn't watch tv when you were young. i was too busy scrubbing floors, tending the garden, doing laundry, sewing your clothes, baking bread (all while wearing pearls) well, maybe i did watch dr. kildare some. in the words of your...umm.. friend,he was so "yummy".

Sadie Blue said...

Whatever to both of you! Watching shitty tv sick is better than a mile long list of chores to complete!!

Tania Rochelle said...

Sure, Sadie...you're doing chores.

Mamoo, trust me; none of my friends use the word 'yummy.'

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