Felix and Oscar @ West Cherry, Berry

Georgia's side:

The roomie's side:


ads. said...

YEAH! Don't you just HATE those neat freaks!! No...wait a minute...that's supposed to be the GOOD side...nevermind.
The room is balanced. For every Felix, there's an Oscar- yin & yang. My daughters are both Oscars(they get it from me). In fact, the only thing different would be Mountain Dew bottles, instead of Sprite. Now that I think of it, the only Felix in our family is my wife. Balance?...nevermind.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, this may be more than my little OCD darling can stand.

mamoo said...

o-kaaay, tania. were you felix or oscar your freshman year at georgia?

maybe ga ga can teach her roomie some good habits.

Rupert said...

that's a huge part of the college experience - le roommate and *how to deal* . . . mmmmm, unguarded Chee-tos!

Collin said...

How do people live and function like that? I cannot stand a messy room or desk. I see the roomie likes "Rent". That's half the problem right there. I'd have already put a boot up their ass for singing "Seasons of Love".

biggy said...

Remember when Sadie and Georgia shared a room for a brief period after Lola was born?

ga said...

Yea, you mean the 6 months that I willingly slept on the couch?

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