Saturday Things You Might Not Know

Third nipple (medical condition): The presence of a third nipple. This extra nipple can occur in the groin area, under the armpit or near the existing nipples. As many as 10% of people in the US are estimated to have an extra nipple though it is often unnoticed or mistaken as a freckle or mole.


Tracie said...

I was gonna say that I remember Chandler calling his 3rd nipp a Nubbin...but that British lady stole my thunder.

ooooo, those darn Brits, we can't come up with anything before them.

(uhm, that was a British accent right? If not, just replace wherever I mentioned it with whatever the right accent is, ha!)

Tracie said...

And can I just say that those word verification thingies are hard sometimes; I almost always get it wrong on the first go 'round.

Damn cursive u's and v's get me every time.

And does it have to be like 8 trillion letters long? Seems like they could Name that Verification in just 4 letters. I'm just saying.

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