It's Sad That I'm So Happy

My Thursday night TV binge begins at 8 pm:


a/ok said...

you read my mind.

I was even invited to a "thing" tonight and after hesitation I said that if I go, I would be there after 10:30 (grey's). Sad.

Russell Kaye said...

quite an ambitious evening you have planned...

thanks for your comments btw, it was getting a bit lonely over here

Jennifer said...

I have class tonight. This is why God invented TiVo. My boyfriend TiVo will be picking up Survivor,Grey's Anatomy, and the Office for me so the dog and I can watch when I get home.

debbie millman said...

What did you think of Grey's Anatomy?
I think I liked it. I also liked Bionic Woman last night. Very Alias-esque.

Tracie said...

I wonder what you did considering The Office and Grey's Anatomy were on at the same time...Tivo must be your friend as is mine!

Also I've started catching up with shows online...ABC.com, SCORE!

Tania Rochelle said...

Debbie, I thought Grey's redeemed itself. Except for that godawful three-blinking child scene, which was a huge deduction.

Tracie, The Office came on at 8 last year, so I just assumed...I had to make a difficult choice, and Grey's won. I'll catch the other in the replays.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia was outrageous, as always.

Kathy said...

You missed some excellent pre 5K training tips from Michael on The Office.

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