Friday Nostalgia

The original Bionic Woman, 1976-77. Do click the link to read the Wikipedia overview. Funny stuff. And thanks for reminding me about the fembots, Collin.

The best part of this clip is the decor.


Collin said...

YES!!!!! This was the best Bionic Woman story arc of the entire series. Steve Austin is in these, too, and they battle the Fembots together.

Ah, the happy golden years.

Russell Kaye said...

wouldn't he have to have two bionic arms to bend that steel pipe?

ads. said...

NA-Na-nnaananananaa... That noise got irratating after a while. OK. We get it. They're doin' bionic stuff!
Steve Austin was great. He'd jump off a building and his hair would never move.

ads. said...

It's also IRRITATING when people can't spell...

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