8 Random Things About Me

Because Grayson tagged me, here are some more footling facts regarding my history:

1. I was such a bitter geek in high school that, because it annoyed me that the “heads” had a specially designated area to go smoke cigarettes—called the “Smoke Hole,” I started a petition to get an area assigned for the rest of us to go drink our soft drinks—the “Coke Hole.”

2. My middle name is Van.

3. I was the high school Drum Major my junior and senior year.

4. I once had a date with the Atlanta (now Tampa) sportscaster Jeff Hullinger.

5. I used to teach aerobics to the women at the police department in Athens.

6. I once had a neighbor who was arrested for kidnapping a prostitute and keeping her in his basement.

7. Over 20 years ago, I ran three marathons.

8. I once waited tables at a low-rent version of Hooter’s, called Billy’s, on Scott Blvd.

Now I'm tagging Tracie and Jessica.


biggy said...

You should tell the story of how you came upon your middle name. Also, you wouldn't still have that Billy's uniform would you?

Tracie said...

I've never been tagged before.
Hope I did it right. I didn't know if I was supposed to do 8 like you did, or if I was supposed to add another one.

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

"Van" is a wicked middle name.

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