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Sunday, Lo's guy-friend J came over to play. They spent some time running around in the sprinkler, rushing the season, and then I fed them a sliced apple and cheese singles (Let's say it was a healthy snack by choice and not because it was all I had in the house). As they picnicked on the front stoop, deep in conversation, I messed around in the yard, turning off the hose, picking up Biggy's toys, etc. Then I tried to squeeze by them to go back in the house:

Lo: Is beaver-hole a bad word?

TR: [befuddled, speechless]

Lo: Is it?

TR: Where did you hear that?

Lo: J.

J: I heard it on South Park.

TR: Hmmm... Yeah, I'd have to say that is DEFINITELY a bad word.

Lo: Well, what does it mean?

J: My brother said if you say that word, it's bad against your mother.

TR: Smart boy.

Lo: What does it mean?

TR: It's an ugly word for a woman's private parts. It's insulting. Let's never say it again.

J: What if I really see a beaver going in a hole?

TR: You might try 'beaver house' instead.

Satisfied we'd settled the issue, I went to find Georgia so we could laugh about it together. I found her in the kitchen:

TR: Lo just asked me if beaver-hole is a bad word.

Georgia: Is it?

TR: George!!! You know---beaver?

Georgia: What does that mean?

TR: [gesturing like Vanna White]

Georgia: Really?


ads. said...

ever the teacher....I'll never be able to look at "Wheel of Fortune" the same way again...

M. Ru Pere said...

"Beaver House . . . " . . . . too funny - quick thinking, there, T. How did you keep from busting out laughing (I didn't) when she said, "What if i saw a beaver go in a hole?"

Kathy said...

Can't wait to share this one with Randy - it will make his day. Good instincts re South Park. Pretty good chance it's a bad word if they heard it there. Love that show.

Tania Rochelle said...

Ads--Glad I could spice up WOF for you.

MRu--What makes you think I didn't laugh?

Kath--I don't let Lola watch South Park. Cops, yes.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

I wish that Beaver College up in Pennsylvania had not changed it's name. I would buy all of you t-shirts.

Sorry about all the deletes. I keep having typos.

Tania Rochelle said...

We'd have worn them too.

biggy said...

Jennifer, you can ahead over to USC and buy yourself a "Can't Beat Our Cocks" t-shirt.

Kathy said...

Ah - brings back memories of sign my friend Helen made for UGA/USC game my freshman year: "Hey ABC - We're Going to Lick Those Cocks". I don't think it made the broadcast.
T - as expected, Randy enjoyed this post. Also gave him a chance to mention his favorite store - Beaver Liquors.

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