My "Gifted" Child

Lo is in Target, the accelerated learning program. She spends Thursdays in a special class, studying more advanced subject matter.

This afternoon, in the car, she started the conversation by talking about turtles--not an unusual topic. Then:

Lo: Do you know what a furtle is?

TR: A cross between a frog and a turtle?

Lo: No. It's an animal that lays eggs in the spring.

TR: A certain kind of animal?

Lo: No! It can be any kind. If a butterfly lays an egg, it's a furtle; if a cow lays an egg, it's a furtle. We learned it in Target.


Alena said...

Is this true? Furtles are for real?

GA said...

....fertile, Alena.

Alena said...

Oh my god.

mamoo said...

tania, we have just got to take that child to the zoo. she doesn't know the difference between pigs and bears, llamas and camels, beavers and ground hogs, and then there's cows laying eggs. poor lola.

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